24 Mar

Smart Thinking with Affordable Cars for College Students

Three out of four for college students in America have a car right on campus. They may be dangerously close to being classified clunkers; but they are functioning cars. Parents don’t like this, of course. They don’t like sending their children on a whole new educational adventure for four years in college and letting them do it with poor quality transportation. They’d rather they had excellent reliability, reasonable fuel economy, and all the safety features money can buy. Parents looking for affordable cars for college students need to think about something in the $20,000 range.

On such a car, you can expect ABS, stability control, a half-dozen airbags, and something around 35 mpg. Apparently affordable cars for college students that include all of the above and more, aren’t really high on the manufacturers’ list of things to achieve with their product lineups. They don’t produce many of these models. Let’s take a look at a short list of the best affordable cars for college students – for great well-established options like the Corolla, that Civic and the Fit.

If you’re looking for the cheapest car to run, you might find models like the Volkswagen Golf TDI to be great value for money. Where else do you get 40+ mpg in a car? You might also consider something like the Mini Cooper. It has enough character to last you for years.

The Toyota Yaris is a great little car. The interiors are roomy, the 1.5 L four-cylinder engine is nice and energetic, the manual transmission makes the most of the modestly sized engine, and the price of the car is about $13,000. Should you buy this car now? Well, they have an all-new design expected early this year. So you might actually want to wait a couple months.

Hyundai has really been getting all the pieces right in its new car designs. Their reliability has been improving, their cars are far more fuel-efficient than most other cars on the market, and the new fluidic sculpture design theme are truly modern and American-looking. The Elantra has a 29 mpg city rating with its six-speed automatic transmission. And the Sonata has a great touchscreen navigation system. The bluetooth audio system is something to see, too. You get all of this at prices starting at $15,000. These make great affordable cars for college students.

But of course, few cars best the Honda Civic for utter familiarity and utter reliability. Both these cars exist in the same price bracket. But the Civic evokes a kind of enthusiasm for its wonderful reliability and for how sensible it is that Hyundai still only dreams of. The great thing about Hyundai though is that for the price, you get a boatload of extra equipment as standard. And that’s where their products become the best affordable cars for college students.

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